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However, governmental and national decision-makers in developing countries have acknowledged the importance and role of higher education in accelerating the process of development; these beliefs diminish in practice when it comes to advising governments and the industrial sector.

The gap between market and industry needs and academic skills of students, makes their interaction more difficult.

Kian Academy (Kian Rahyaft-e-Andisheh) is a knowledge-based institution whose main goal is to bring job seekers (especially students) closer to the needs of organizations and industries. To achieve this essential goal, the main mission of Kian Academy has been settled as “disseminating applied knowledge in potential workforce, particularly the students.

In addition to establishing effective communication with various industries in order to identify their needs, Kian Academy has established a durable relationship with knowledge-based institutions such as domestic and foreign Universities to take all possible steps to fulfill its mission.

Kian Academy, an approach to realizing new thoughts!

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